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Sagrada Madre 氛母系列熱銷中

2024春夏企劃|繭裹時光機 全新到貨


Design perspective

Simplicity and utility of styles- easy to blend into daily life wear


We started our first collection with the minimalist style, monochromatic color-way, and embellished with a few exaggerated prints styles. So the garments not only to wear in exercising, but also can be wear with other daily clothes. Especially for our yoga collection, we want to provide a style of studio-to-street, which is not only taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life, but also encourage using your imagination to make the most of the item.




Our designed prints are inspired mostly from personal expression of wild nature landscapes, or the urban textures. We prefer exaggerated images in prints as that can become many random possibilities on garments after cuttings.


Fabric cuttings


Although, most of our products are produced by using up the wastage and leftover fabrics from textile factories, but we don’t want our production to ends up a lot of wastage again in cuttings. So we don’t match up identical patterns of prints in our garments, so that each pieces can be partial of the massive big printing motif. For our yoga collection, we use only the available yardage of the leftover fabrics from textile factories, therefore every style can be limited edition.


Vision for the future


The future for Planedo envisaged by the circular economy, is that every product manufactured is carefully designed, and can be used for multiple recycling uses. Different materials and manufacturing cycles are carefully considered and matched. We hope to achieve the design thinking in a circular economy, which means when product’s life cycle ends, it will not be considered as waste, but can become a raw material for a new production cycle, which is in line with environmental protection and economic benefits.